Archie Employess Are Now Suing Archie Co-Owner Nancy Siberkleit… And She’s Still Suing Archie

Here’s the crazy thing about all this, even though there are at least two, but more likely three, lawsuits happening at Archie Comics they’re still getting their work done. Hell they’re gearing up for Afterlife With Archie which I’m sure will be one of their biggest titles of the year. With all that said why can’t fucking DC get their shit done without wiping it on the walls and toilet seats? I know the companies are very different in terms of size and output, but I still think that the argument stands.

So on with this lawsuit which I’m pretty sure is the third to spring from some kind of explosion at Archie Comics.

The employees, including longtime editor Victor Gorelick, say the suit is a “last ditch effort” to eject co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit from the Mamaroneck-based firm.

“While World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan did not stop the publication of Archie Comics, the war-like attitude and approach of [Silberkleit] may destroy Archie Comics unless the court intervenes,” says the $32.5 million suit filed this week in Westchester Supreme Court.

“In a destructive, deceitful and deliberate manner, [Silberkleit] seeks … her self-promotion as the effective ‘Dictator’ over Archie Comics or in default of that, the demise of this iconic publication in American culture,” the suit alleges.

Also apparently Silberkleit accused a young girl visiting the office of stealing a Betty wig, which the staff had given the young cancer patient as a gift. Yup, you read that right, cancer patient… I’m thinking there’s a special place in hell for Silberkleit.


By Dustin Cabeal

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