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We have awesome news for you! From now on, you can find our comic books at ComiXology! Isn’t it amazing? And the first digital release is our terrific horror book The Westwood Witches. If you haven’t read it yet, the time has come to fix this! How? Just visiting this link and buying it in digital format. As easy as that! You will not be disappointed by this 4-issues miniseries that El Torres, the writer, described as “Desperate Housewives with macabre murdering”. You can read it now in your tablet, computer, mobile…!

In this comic book, Jack Kurtzberg, a successful writer, suffers from writer’s block and decides to move back to his hometown. But what he does not know is that his new neighbors are witches willing to kill anyone who could disturb their dominion in Westwood.

TWW1low-001The Westwood Witches

Story by: El Torres

Art by: Abel García

The same team behind the acclaimed “Drums” miniseries at Image Comics tell us a whole new tale of horror that brings the witchcraft horror into the modern world. A macabre 4-issues miniseries that will be released in May, 2013.

“It’s not just about witchcraft” states El Torres, “but about beliefs, too. What seems real to us sounds like nonsense to others, and that’s the power of literature… and quackery. But overall, The Westwood Witches is a tale about neighborhood and neighbors. In this book, they’re beautiful, they’re kind, and they’re demon worshippers. You could say it’s like Desperate Housewives with macabre murderings”.

Torres also says: “I’m also very happy with the awesome art that Abel does in this book. Abel does a terrific work depicting creepy suburbias and hot women. There are a lot of homages to Goya’s macabre paintings and engravings, and a great mood and atmosphere… which is what makes horror really fun.”

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