Maybe I just had my head to far up my own ass, or maybe no one else has picked up on the fact that MTV is now producing comics. That’s right, new original IP’s are being produced by Viacom MTV. Sure there was Teen Wolf, but that was a partnership with Image… and terrible. Much to my surprise when I was rummaging through the new digital releases on Comixology I discovered their titles. My first thought was, “Wait, so they not only have a site dedicated to comics and nerd hobbies, but now they’re producing comics?” This is Wizard magazine and Black Bull Entertainment all over again!

That’s not to say that good things came from Black Bull, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t stand alone when I say everyone was a bit reluctant about their product. Let’s say for instance that I made a comic and then pushed that comic on this very site giving it rave reviews, you wouldn’t trust that so really how is it any different. In a google search the only site I found talking about MTV comics was MTV Geek. That says a lot in my book.

I’ll check these books out, but trust me I’m going to call it as is with no attempt at not hurting feelings. Much like I did for Teen Wolf, which I should have given a “Worst of 2011” award to now that I think about it again. What I also found strange was the fact that they brag about working with JMS (still DC exclusive if I’m not mistaken) on a brand new project that he will more than likely not finish and abandon half way through. So, am I alone here? Did this just slip through every other comic sites radar or did they simple not want to acknowledge the shadiness of it all?

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