Bob Wayne

Here’s One DC Employee Not Making The Move To The West Coast… SR VP Sales Bob Wayne To Retire

If you’ve ever been to a DC Comics panel at a convention, chances are Bob Wayne was there. He’s blunt, he’s funny and he’s kept DC afloat for a long time. Seriously, he knows his shit and he deals with the retailers because he knows them as well. Due to the transfer and the fact that Wayne is well pass retirement, he’ll be retiring sometime before DC makes it’s move to the west coast next year. That sucks because I hoped to bump into at a food truck outside their building (they have a rotation of at least three trucks each day).

It sucks that DC is losing Wayne since he knows his shit. Frankly if he worked at Marvel I don’t think there would be a battle between first and second, there would just be a first. On the other hand though it does show the potential of DC losing a lot of people and while Wayne is not one of the ones you want to lose, there might be some other dead weight that’s cleared out… like the EIC.

Picture via DC Comics

By Dustin Cabeal

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