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Lawsuit: Kirby Heir’s Loose Appeal to Marvel

I didn’t even realize this case was still going on, but apparently after the last ruling Jack Kirby’s heirs appealed the verdict. That verdict is that Kirby’s Marvel era work was done as a work for hire and not owned by him and subsequently his family. It’s a pretty widely known fact that Kirby got screwed so after the last verdict was handed out instantly I thought it was over and done. I wonder if it will stick this time or if they can appeal once more, but that’s two in a row with the same judgement. I’d be interested to know if Kirby owned any of the characters he created for DC or if they’ll be the next stop.

“Marvel’s inducement, right to supervise, exercise of that right, and creative contribution with respect to Kirby’s work during the relevant time period is more than enough to establish that the works were created at Marvel’s instance.”

Via Comics Beat

By Dustin Cabeal

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