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Marvel Solicits: Peter’s Back, Scarlet Spider’s Gone… To Become Superior Venom (Probably)

None of this is fact because we don’t have any context. Here’s the deal: Marvel announced with their December solicits that a year after Peter Parker’s death there will be four issues 700.1 through 700.4 with Peter Parker Spider-Man. Frankly this is a total bait and switch as it clearly implies that the story is taking place around the same time as Amazing Spider-Man 700 and only says that Peter is back… for those issues. Which means that I’m just going to continue to not read Spider-Man because I don’t need to be shat on by Marvel anymore.


The other kind big deal is that Scarlet Spider is ending, which marks the second Spider-Man related series to end this year (gee Marvel I thought that brand was really strong!). Apparently Superior Venom was announced recently and it’s speculated that Cain is going to become the new Venom. Also I think I made a joke about Superior Venom when Venom was cancelled, so I’m really glad to see that come true. It made me laugh. This is just a rumor for now, but we’ll see. It sadly makes a lot of sense.

Is Miles on Earth 616 yet? I like that dude.


Lastly! Guess who makes it out of Avengers Arena¬†alive? Go on… they left the claws out to make it easy on you.

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By Dustin Cabeal

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