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Midtown Comics Offers Same Day Delivery In New York

I have to say that this is pretty fucking cool. New York is a huge comic market, but from my short experience there it’s a pain in the ass to get anywhere. Well, Midtown has teamed up with Zipments to offer same day delivery for your comic books, meaning if you didn’t get a chance to leave during lunch you could have them delivered to your home or office. Pretty cool if you ask me. Of course there’s a fee, but it’s actually not terrible considering the service. What I find kind of funny is that no were does it say that they’ll be delivered by bike, but that’s basically what it is. Your first delivery is $4.99 and after that is $9.99… how much does a taxi cost? Meh whatever I live in L.A. and this would never work.

Via Comic Beat

By Dustin Cabeal

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