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R.I.P. Ape Entertainment? Probably Not

Over on Comics Beat they had someone point out how inactive Ape Entertainment has been and some of this is even before the loss of their CEO to IDW. Apparently their EIC is running a chain of stores as well so… what about the books? Well as their reader points out:

Ape Entertainment didn’t offer anything in the current Previews catalog. In December, they offered only five variant covers of Sesame Street #2. That’s due out at the end of February. November, nothing. In October, for sale in January (this month), they solicited a Genie the Genius collection (unlikely to come out on time, given that we’re still waiting on issue #3); two Poison Elves one-shots and a collection (which isn’t really in keeping with their kids’ books); and a graphic novel called Killer Diller. I could keep tracking this back, but soon enough you start running into the cancelled items listed above.

Their Twitter account hasn’t been updated since last May (and it was only sporadically used before then). Their last Facebook post was in July. Their website is similarly out of date.

To be honest I can’t even remember the last thing they put out. I think it was Pocket God the comic which did well digitally… oh wait let me rephrase that, the first issue did well digitally. I mean Ape Entertainment was never a huge publisher, but I have several of their books that I took a chance on. Others that I never saw again and well the writing was kind of on the wall. We’ll see if it’s official or if they hoped no one would notice.


Well would you look at that, the minute I hit publish shit gets updated. So they’re not out of business, but if you read what they’re working on it sounds like something you’d tell share holders:

As Mark Twain said “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”.  As you know our business partner David Hedgecock left Ape very late last year to pursue an opportunity as a Managing Editor at IDW, we wished him well and hope nothing but success for him.  At the time of David’s departure my other partner and I decided to take the opportunity to reorganize and stream line Ape which we are still in the process of doing.

We recently worked with Diamond to cancel outstanding orders on product that was beyond its normal shipping window.  We didn’t want old orders hanging out there for retailers to have to deal with. We do plan to resolicit certain books at a later date, it just doesn’t make sense to announce that until we know exactly when we will. We have a lot of great product ready to launch.

We are currently planning the release of our “Fruit Ninja” comic app at the end of January for Chinese New Year along with other digital initiatives.  We have also been in talks with Hollywood about a few of our properties so we have been keeping very busy.

Lastly I can tell you that we (the industry) are seeing growth in the print market as proven by the retail stores which I am an investor in that you mentioned in your post.  The day to day operations of the stores are in the hands of Ron Killingsworth partner and General Manager.


By Dustin Cabeal

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