Read Becky Cloonan’s Self-Publish or Perish

Self-publishing is one of the most interesting aspects of comic books, to me at least. There is no blue print one how to do it and everyone seems to tackle it differently which is why reading someone else’s experiences on it is so damn interesting. Well Becky Cloonan sat down and wrote about her experiences with her mini-comics and it’s quite the read. It’s also a great window into her life over the past three years or so as she’s grown as comic creator. She also spills the beans that she is adapting and illustrating a graphic novel for First Second which I’m already excited for! Here’s an excerpt about her Submit experience from the essay that I liked, but you should read the full thing here.

Here are a few numbers: My print comics cost $5, but I price the digital comics at .99 cents. I’ve had a few discussions with people who think I’m underselling my books- especially because with ComiXology I’m only guaranteed 33 cents on every dollar if it’s bought through the Apple store. But 99 cents makes sense (see that?) because it makes the book more accessible. It’s an incentive for someone who is unfamiliar with my work to take a chance and hopefully be pleasantly surprised. There is no overhead for me, so it just seemed like, why not?  My Q2 sales from ComiXology submit were over 6,000, way more than I had expected from a few self published comics. I don’t know that I’d ever go all digital, I enjoy turning pages too much. (Sorry Dr. Spangler, print is not dead!) I also don’t think the perfect digital reader has been made yet- and aside from people who make comics specifically for the digital medium, print comics being formatted for digital consumption in particular have a long way to go yet.


By Dustin Cabeal

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    Awesome! I love her work