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SDCC ’13: Tons of Cosplay Pics From Thursday!

One official day of Comic Con has come and gone. Here are some cosplay pics gathered up from around the internet. I will say that there are a lot of “versions of things” and gender swapping this time around. I think the London Comic Con actually had a better quality of cosplay and fans that were trying to stay true to the characters, but I get that people want to add their own flair and that’s cool too. I’ve made comments on some of them but for the sake of time and loading you’ll have to click on individual photos to see them… or not it’s your life. If anything head to the bottom to see the best Cosplay of the show and the runner-up!

From Comics Beat

Via Geeks are Sexy

FromĀ Newsarama

Via io9

Here’s the runner up!

Powder Toast Man (2)

And here’s his Captn’ Jack giving him a proper greeting.

Powder Toast Man (1)


And here’s my totally biased first choice. I know, I know… fuck jeans, but it’s still really cool so suck it.


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