17 Minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy with Samantha Roehrig

Going to see the free sneak peek of Guardians of the Galaxy I only went for the free poster, but my curiosity got the best of me. I thought I could give an inside scoop, man I have never felt so much like Wendy Williams. Anyway, the 17 minutes was filled with snapshots of the movie. We got to see each character entering the Klyn, the big house. Then we move on to the group planning their escape out of jail. Although the plot made sense, it clearly skipped over some scenes to give you a full story within the 17 minutes. I think these characters could have been thrown in anywhere and it would have been fun. The group is addictively hilarious. So let’s go through them. Star-Lord:  Our main character obviously takes some time to become the main character. He felt more of a background guy. He can definitely make the transition though and will no doubt be the funny strong backbone of the cast. Plus Chris Pratt is ripped! I didn’t mind the shirtless scenes at all. Seriously, workout before seeing this movie and you will feel better about your life. Or just skip the extra nacho cheese.

Gamora:  Although she doesn’t go shirtless... fingers crossed, she is a bad-ass. She has a chip on her shoulder and all females will immediately fall in love with her. She is everything you wanted to see in a female character and will no doubt continue to kick ass throughout the movie. She has the ability to jump further and slow down her movements in a Matrix-type way, so that is cool.

Drax:  I was most surprised by how his character played out. For some reason, he is the last to join the group, but enters upon Star-Lord’s request, or rather that he owed Drax. But what was so cool about Drax is how funny he is without trying to be. He is quirky and not the meathead you expect. Ok maybe he is a bit of a meathead, but he doesn’t know it which again makes him adorable. Yep I said it. Drax the Adorable.

Groot:  Although at first, like Star-Lord, I was annoyed by Groot never saying anything but “I am Groot” it quickly grows on you. Ha, grows on you! But for this character it is his behind the scenes actions that make him so funny. He is the most lovable character which is the part that surprised me in a good way. He and Rocket make the perfect pair and when Groot doesn't listen to Rocket that is what makes it so much better. The only thing weird about him was when they would do an up-close shot, he looked a little too fake for me, but I can get over it.

Rocket:  These 17 minutes were like Rocket-time and Marvel knows they have a hit with this raccoon who doesn't know he is a raccoon before we even met him. He was our main speaker and plot mover. Bradley Cooper’s voice is perfect and I honestly forgot all about him, so it wasn’t distracting knowing who was behind the mask. Anyway, Rocket is going to be everyone's favorite sarcastic dude. He was the clear leader of the group but again I think he can step down when the time is right. I didn’t feel like he looked fake at all. I really can’t wait to see him in some more action scenes.

I honestly didn’t know if I would like this movie just because Guardians of the Galaxy is not well-known. But the blend of characters and the funny backdrop of it all will definitely pull you in. The 3D was cool, but I will probably opt out since the characters took most of the enjoyment not the visuals. That isn’t to say the whole space thing is bad. I didn’t see a lot, but from the looks of it, it was cool. The action is going to be intense with so many new gadgets and Gamora’s moves. Looks like James Gunn was a good choice for the movie, so go see it. I think it is worth the money and will have you laughing and quoting lines from the start.

As a treat you can enjoy the new extended trailer!