2013 Comic Book Round-Up: The Worst – Part 3

Welcome to Comic Bastards' yearly "Worst of" list. That’s right, “Worst”! We don’t just tell you what the “Best” of the year is we remind you of everything you’d like to forget. We have so many contributors on the site now that we actually had to break the list up into parts this year. This is part one which will cover "Worst Movie/TV or Video Game Comic Adaptation", "Worst Comic Related Property Outside of Comic Books" "Worst Thing That 2013 Will Be Remember For?" and "What Are You Not Looking Forward to From 2014?" with amazing belts created by our very own Steve Paugh! You can find Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking on the previous links. Also be sure to check out this week's podcast to hear Kevin and Dustin read and have fun with everyone's worst of list! Thanks for reading and if you’d like to check out the “Best of” list then you can do so here: Part 1Part 2Part 3 and Part 4.

Worst Movie/TV or Video Game Comic Adaptation

7 - Worst Movie  TV or Video Game Comic Adaptation

Dustin - Batman '66 (DC Comics)

I know that everyone and their mother loved the shit out of this series, but I didn’t. I don’t like the TV show. I look at it as an embarrassment to Batman and think that when I premiered someone should have lost their job rather than making a second episode. Then they made a comic book that captures the campy “fun” of the show… yeah fuck that noise.

Kevin - G.I. Joe (IDW Publishing)

IDW has come back to this well that is my childhood and have taken a shit down it. This incarnation of the Joes it is the embodiment of convenient writing that insults more than it entertains. This breaks my heart.

James - G.I Joe (IDW Publishing)

I'm just down on it. It isn't good. Way to cheesy for my liking and I usually like cheese (I'm a provolone guy).

Samantha – G.I. Joe (IDW Publishing)

G.I. Joe fans took a hit right in the gut when someone decided to make shitty products for loyal fans.

Jeff - Robocop: Last Stand (Boom Studios)

My comic bane of this year, symbolic of what is wrong with the sub-“Big Two” comic publishers. Take Frank Miller's outdated and sexist script for the worst Robocop film, barely edit it to fit into 20 page chunks that end in the middle of film scenes, and then have it muddily illustrated by the bottom rung of IDW's art team. Robocop may not be a fresh property but it deserves a hell of a lot better.

Steve - Robocop: Last Stand (Boom Studios)

This went from bad, to worse, to fucking awful.

Adam - Robocop: Last Stand (Boom Studios)

What Steve and Jeff said.

Jordan - Robocop: Last Stand (Boom Studios)

Miller deserves better than this.

Worst Comic Related Property Outside of Comic Books

8 - Worst Comic Related Thing Outside of Comic Books

Kevin - The Under Armor DC/Marvel Hook Up (Marvel/DC)

Please pay $59 for this compression long sleeve with the Bat logo on it.

Carl - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC and Marvel)   

I've seen pap smears with more gripping plot twists.

Samantha - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC and Marvel)

Sounds great in theory, but Justin put it well stating that the Marvel name is what carries this show.

Jordan - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC and Marvel)

This show is pretty poop. Which is sad cuz I want it to be better. Want a real comic book TV show? Watch the latest few episodes of Season 2 of Arrow, which I think has broken out of the CW mold and become the comic TV series to beat.

James - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC and Marvel)

Marvel has been on a roll with movies that I think might have made them cocky enough to go for prime time TV. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but what they have here is a high budget, watered down version of something that could have been a good thing that is losing viewers weekly. Movies still rock though, mostly...kind of...better than DC movies anyway.

Erik - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC and Marvel)

I already have a hard time sitting through primetime television dramas anyway, but this really stinks. Poor acting mixed with half-assed action sequences don’t usually grab my attention. I’m not going to keep watching it because it has Joss Whedon’s name attached to it.

Jeff - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC and Marvel)

While 2013 had its fair share of groaner movies, none of them were so directly disappointing. Prepackaged and glossy, even for TV standards, it'd be cancelled already if it weren't for the tenuous connection to the Marvel U, tepid and sometimes barely memorable enough to be frustrating. I wish I had watched Agents of S.M.A.S.H or R.I.P.D. so I could pick anything other than a Whedon show for the worst of the year but that's the breaks.

Adam - The Walking Dead (AMC)

I totally gave up this season on watching it.  Past the first half of season three it's been moving at a snail's pace, and I feel like the characters in the show aren't even close to holding a candle to their comic book counterparts.  Andrea is one of my favorite characters in the book, and in the show I couldn't wait for her to die.  The governor wasn't menacing at all and I hate the changes they make for the show.  It screws with the 117 issues worth of comic book knowledge of the series in my head.

Steve – Arrow (CW)

I still don't know why anyone above the age of 14 would watch this cheesy, kitschy, tweeny show about a "superhero" who sucks anyway. It's the Twilight of superheroes.

Dustin – Man of Steel (WB)

If you listened to the podcast version of this list then you know that I originally went with Iron Man 3  and while it deserves to be on this list it didn’t quite make it. The thing is… I watched the Man of Steel for a second time this past weekend and it was unbearable. Seeing it again was painful and while I’m sure I’d feel similar pain while watching Iron Man 3, I don’t know if it can top the most un-Superman movie I’ve ever watched. I’d rather watch Superman 4 on an endless loop then to poison my eyes with this shit again.

Worst Thing That 2013 Will Be Remember For?

9 - Worst Thing 2013 Will Be Remembered For

Erik - Baby Covers

Those things are burned into my brain. The events were obviously a big deal, but people will continue to think back to those covers.

Kevin - That time Brian Wood Hit on me at a Convention            

Dude I know my hair was a little long and my shirt was a little fitted. But damn, damn man, go easy.

James - DC Moving to L.A.          

It just doesn't seem right, like a reaction to deeper issues that are indeed out there. But the move just looks bad. We will see how bad in the coming future.

Steve - DC's Rampant Creative Problems

It feels like 2013 really showed how badly DC is being run creatively, with a huge backlash from employees, former brand stalwarts and fans alike.

Dustin - DC Comics’ Editorial Meltdown

"Social media just sensationalizes what's really just an everyday occurrence" that's not a direct quote but that's basically the smoke screen that DC hide behind all year. Social Media or not I'm pretty sure we can look at any other company (not just Marvel) and we'll see a far more consistent roster of creators on titles and less disgruntled employees. It basically got to the point that you just wanted to say "enough's enough DC, clean house and start again but this time start with your EIC." Also you know shits bad when the big boss asks you to move across country so he can keep an eye on you.

Jordan - They Told us There Would be a Batman/Superman Film + Batfleck

Nuff said.

Carl - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC/Marvel)

That show had such promise and ended up sucking so bad.  I only made it through one and a half episodes before I bailed.

Samantha - Marvel Movie Announcements (Marvel/Disney)

Pretty much whether we care about the hero or not, every Marvel character will eventually have a movie.

Adam - People Getting Offended Over the Harley Quinn Suicide            

Personally, I thought it was a cool idea.  Gave me some ideas if Pinpoint doesn't get turned into an ongoing which is a plus.

What Are You Not Looking Forward to From 2014?

10 - What Are You Not Looking Forward To From 2014

Dustin - Hype and Fake Sell Outs            

Yeah believe or not when I talk about a book on this site I want it to be good, but when it's hyped beyond belief it sucks. No publisher was innocent of it this year. That and all the "It sold out" crap. No it didn't. Not really and it doesn't matter because you'll print more or I can just buy it digitally. No one cares about that other than the publishers and eBay tricksters.

Kevin - More Comic Book TV Shows

No we're good. Television is the devil.

Carl - Eventual IDW Continuity Problems

Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth is finally getting it right.  That means IDW will revamp it for sure.  Sigh.

Steve - More DC Screw-Ups

Because you KNOW it's gonna happen...

Samantha - New Ninja Turtles Movie

Why mess with an already great movie?

Jordan - Still Being Too Broke to Afford Comic Books     

Adam - Pinpoint

If Big Dog Inc. doesn't turn this into an ongoing, I may have to kill myself. (SARCASM)

James - The Big Two "Events"   

There doesn't have to be an "Event" spanning 10 titles over 30 issues. It gets confusing and annoying after a while. Going to start waiting for the trades instead of being disappointed all the time.

Erik - Anything from DC

Do I really need a reason? I dropped every New 52 book that I read this year.

Jeff - More Comic Book Movies

Amazing Spider-Man 2, Michael Bay's TMNT, Transformers 4 (damn Bay, calm your tits, you'll get our money), 90% of Marvel and DC's output, Cartoon Network canceling more DC shows -- Keep going with our "Worst of 2013" list by checking out Part 1 and Part 2! Thanks for reading and please leave us a comment below!