Review: Fly #2

FLY02_coverFSimply saying that the first issue of Fly ended on a high note would a slight understatement. The two boys, Eddie (our protagonist) and Francis (our resident nerd) have partaken on the experimental drug called, Fly. The drug by all accounts of the name gives the user the ability to do just that, Fly. Once outside Francis gives Eddie a crash course on how to fly and the two boys go gallivanting through the clouds. After a near miss from a 737 Airbus Eddie comes back down to Earth and the boys call it a day.

Then the story cuts to an interlude on a pier as a mystery man with super abilities as he kills and torches a dock being ran by a bunch of surly dock works/organized crime participants. As they scatter, he proclaims that no one will survive and he begins to hunts everyone one of them down, tracking them by their heart beats. As he descends on the last man he taps him for information after getting he needs, the mystery man throws the guy twenty-five miles through a car’s roof. Awesome.

As Eddie heads home he catches up with Danielle and realizes that he’s missed their date. She gives Eddie her phone number as they stand in front of her house. Within moments Danielle’s asshole Father jumps out and forces her to come inside while he tells Eddie to piss-off. Later on an exhausted Eddie makes good on calling Danielle. The two teens dialog on the phone and not even two seconds into their conversation, Danielle murmurs a sentence that could end with the slight possibility of her saying something negative about her father; he burst into her room and assaults her. This sends Eddie into a rage and he flies over to her house and engages her father.

The best part about Fly #2 is it continues to scratch the surface of what this world could contain. Eddie’s character is moving towards a sensible like ability that has the potential to take him far. Raven Gregory (Myths & Legends) is really at the start of something special with the world that he is building here. Sure there is some odd dialog. For instance Frances tells Eddie to take it slow because if he ascends too fast the lack of oxygen will kill him. But then they fly around with their eyes open. You can’t, the wind at that speed, you can’t keep your eyes open. If the drug is so secretive, why are you doing a demo of it in your backyard? Meh, whatever, these are by no means deal breakers, just more of observations. AS for the look of Fly, Eric J’s art continues to be bright and keep a fresh and lively feel as story progresses into dark tones. There are some worthwhile details he puts into his work. Like the father’s underwear, filled with holes and when the body smashes through the roof of the car. The best part is his art stays consistent and that speaks levels for his skill. I’m still not too crazy about the main characters eyes, due to the fact that they are the only ones that really possess the round solid color, take up my whole face look. Danielle is by far the biggest offender. Then again that’s just me being picky.

Zenescope’s Fly #2 does what it needs to do to keep the thing interesting. From art to storytelling, it builds on a foundation that has the potential for limitless possibilities. Simply put, Fly is easily becoming my favorite Zenescope title.

Score - 3/5

Writer: Raven Gregory

Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment