Review: Lumberjanes #4

If there is one comic out there that I know will consistently make me laugh and warm my heart with friendship it's Lumberjanes. I honestly can't praise this comic enough. It's just like yes! This is what we have been missing from comics. There's more than one person of color that is a primary character. There's no demoralizing female characters, or demonizing non heteronormative relationships. Oh and more than one body type for the females. I see this all time, where it seems that female characters are illustrated with the same template or something. So yay for progressive characters and story lines! Also I love supernatural adventures mixed with humor.

Every month I am pleasantly surprised at how well the plot continues without dragging or bombarding the reader with irrelevant dialogue. I have no idea where the arc is headed but I'm just enjoying the ride. I'm so impressed with how well Lumberjanes has done and it's acceptance in the comic community. It's so important to have stories and characters like ones featured in Lumberjanes that don't marginalize their readers.

Lumberjanes_004_COVER-A copy 2Okay, okay so let me just tell a small summary of what happens in issue four.Our scouts are on a hike with Jen, who is deliberately making it a slow and boring activity in hopes of keeping the girls out of any shenanigans. But seriously who are we trying to kid? Something always happens. While Jen is preoccupied the girls spot a Yeti! Ya, a fricken Yeti. Well somehow they land in poison ivy but some Boy Scouts come to their rescue. Jen is overly impressed by this well-mannered pubescent boys. This allows for the girls to sneak away from Jen so that can find out what's going on in the Lighthouse. To their dismay the Yetis are guarding it. They aren't as horrible as you think; they are more repulsed by humans. Ripley shares some of her cookies with the Yetis, so they let the girls in the lighthouse. All the while Jen is discovering that the Boy Scouts are actually not as human as she thought!

Do I need to say more?! Seriously, just read Lumberjanes. I promise you won't be disappointed. Everything about this series just fills your heart with wonderful feelings! Every issue is like a warm hug of friendship.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis Artist: Brooke Allen Publisher: Boom/Boom Box Price: $3.99 Release Date: 7/9/2014 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital