Review: Robyn Hood - Legend #5

If you haven’t read my interview with Pat Shand and Larry Watts, we revealed that Robyn Hood got picked up for a regular series. There is a lot to explore with her character, so Zenescope has made a good choice by giving this chick her own series. I found it a little strange that Robyn wouldn’t be leading Nottingham though and instead would be headed back to Earth after Legend. But after reading this end to Legend, I was excited for Robyn’s new adventures. I think Earth will fit her perfectly. Hopefully my review explains why. Will’s story ends with what we all expected. First loves never end how we want them too. I think this will be an interesting time with the new ongoing series with Robyn. She has been through a lot emotionally. She has a lot to recover from it. Nottingham reminds her of him, so this is one reason that Earth seems like the logical next step. But I am jumping ahead of myself. We still have some loose ends here. This issue was only the beginning of it all for Robyn. It really wasn’t an end of her story but more like a tribute to Will.

RH_Legend_05_cover-A copy 2The issue begins with tragedy, but must quickly be refocused on the task at hand. Gisbourne and Robyn are faced as foes again. I still ended up liking Gisbourne. Yeah he is a tool, but adds something to the Nottingham story. The action between the two is reluctant. You can tell neither wants to fight especially Robyn. On top of that, she is holding back strong emotions. I like how it all ended up and honestly needed to happen so we all can leave Nottingham knowing it is in good hands. After the battle though, Robyn has a break down. While the rest of the town is repairing what is left, Robyn is going through the grieving process. I think the readers are sad too. It is a bittersweet story knowing we are all saying goodbye to everyone. This realm just has so many personalities that it is weird to think that we are seeing them for the last time. I don’t think Robyn will return for a while. I could be wrong, but exploring Robyn’s character on Earth is going to be good for the comic.

But at last we don’t have to completely say goodbye to everyone. Marian is coming with us. It will spice things up. The two of them partnering up could be a change that will bring in some more constant readers. I love the partner dynamic and with Robyn’s wit and Marian’s heart, it will be fun to see their relationship bounce off of each other. Marian has very cool powers. We never really got to know who this gal is, so hearing more of her story will be a nice change-up. Since Robyn is grieving, I would love to see Marian on Earth get into a dating relationship. I think not only exploring the crime fighting part, but everyday life would be fun to see for both characters.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Larry Watts Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 7/9/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital