Aliens vs. Parker #3 (of 4)

Have you ever wondered, “Hey if I keep reading this it might get better?” Well this doesn't happen here and I'm sure it may have gotten worse. We finally add the super macho solider we’ve have been waiting for. Parker and Modi meet up with our super solider after they thought they put down a guy by firing off some rounds into another solider. We find out he was already torn apart by the aliens.  Our resident super solider, Hauser or ass hole, fights off an alien saving Parker and Modi. Hauser loses his legs on battle, finally we get to the legless man, but all in all they were just artificial. Hauser commandeers Parker's body to carry him and takes his gun too. They start to wander the colony to find Presley, the whole reason why Parker and the rest of the Space-EX crew are in this mess. While searching Modi gets separated from the group. They head to a service area so Modi can be reunited when an alien attacks. Modi must be some gymnast or get super agility when scared, as he scales boxes and the wall to get away from it. They finally end up finding Presley and go to escape from the colony.

AVP_03_preview_Page_1I was hoping some would turn here to make the story interesting but it hasn't and I'm not too sure I can finish the story. It flows and moves but the character are just annoying to me. Parker and Modi are scared all the time. Hauser is just pure machismo. The humor that should be there isn't. The art is decent enough, but nothing pops out to take you back.

This book isn't that great and the story seems fitting for something else. I’m done with it but if you are enjoying it go ahead. Like a bad TV show I'm switching channels.

Score: 1/5

Writers: Paul Scheer & Nick Giovannetti

Artist: Manuel Bracchi

Publisher: Boom Studios

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/3/13