All Aboard The Destiny Beta

Hey guys do you still want to play Bungie's new first person shooter, Destiny? Did you not get a Beta code? Well Bungie doesn't care because they want you to play anyway! Here's what the development team has to say!:

Today, at 4:00 PM PDT, we’re opening the Destiny Beta to anyone who wants to create a character and walk in their boots. There are, of course, some requirements. Aside from all the standard requirements, you’ll need to be brave.
Help us deliver the game you deserve. Before we shut this party down, we’ll welcome everyone who wants a preview of this brave new world. If you have yet to play Destiny, look for offers to download the Beta directly from your console later on this afternoon.
If you have played the Beta, please prepare for new arrivals. We know you won’t go easy on them in the Crucible. Show no mercy.
The Destiny Beta is now open to all who would like to play. You no longer need a code to download. Just navigate to the store on your console (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360) and search for the Destiny Beta.

This is a good chance to kill a couple of hours with the homies and to see if you really like the game. I reached the beta level cap on my Hunter and have to say that I enjoyed the time that I sunk into it. Check it out and see what you think and help with the stress test! Oh and make sure you play on Saturday, July 26  to receive a special in-game emblem.