Alternative Press Expo Releases Initial Exhibitor List for 2015

SLG Publishing released an initial list of exhibitors attending the 2015 Alternative Press Expo (APE) which will be held October 3-4 in San Jose, CA.  "This has been a pretty big undertaking" said Dan Vado, president and publisher of SLG Publishing, who is running APE this year "It's been a long time since I ran a convention, so it is taking me some time to sort of re-learn some stuff and devise systems to try and help things run smoothly, or smoother as I expect to have a sort of bumpy ride at first."

This list is not complete, and the exhibit hall is not sold-out, so people still wanting to jump in can do so by registering at the APE website (

SLG also announced that hotel room blocks for exhibitors, or for anyone wishing to attend over the weekend, were still open and pointed out that the deal being offered by the San Jose Marriott was an amazingly great bargain.

Tentative guests for the 2015 APE include Jhonen Vasquez, Barron Storey and Amit Tayal (courtesy of Super Sikh Comics).

Another highlight of the 2015 APE will be the attention paid to educators and librarians as any credentialed teacher will be admitted to the 2015 event for free. Programing of a professional development nature is being planned.


Bay Area Sequential Artists
Jonathan Case
Warhead K.E.K
Yin Yang Innovations LLC
Hornblower Junior Press
Kymera Press
Male Cuellar Design
Amy Gohal Art
Gemma Li
Louie Zong
We Doomed Productions
Negative Edge Comics
Dark Productions
Dark Planet Comics
PsychoNot Art
Toy Samuraiz
Glenn Hernandez - Illustrator
Dr. Hogan Berry's Extraordinary Emporium & Genre Jewelry
Art of RJ Palmer
Jacob Halton
Misunderstanding Comics
Studio Tinlock
M-Pulse Studios/Art of Christine Nguyen
The Art of JP Neang
The Art of Crystal Dawn
Cody Vrosh & Binary Winter Press
Pat Presley & Matt Gaser
Bento Comics
Jose Moreno Illustration
Susan's Sweet Squeez and Fluffins By Kat
Studio Xia
Steph's Corner
Michelle Stanford
Emet Comics
Jellydraws and Laughingbear
Wrought Comics
Kelley McMorris Illustration
Vicky Yuh & Christine Hwang
Sicklings/Felicia Ann
Dark  White
Betsy Streeter & Bridgett Spicer
Melissa Pagluica
Ethan Castillo
Raining Goldfish
Avy Jetter
Art of Nichole Wong Forti
Ivanna Sokolova and Kira Sayko
Microcosm Publishing
Glitter Side
Akumu Ink
Joseph Descallar
XIN! and RGBmono
Gregg Davidson
Cartoon Art Museum
Couscous Collective
Silent Theater Comics
Three Arrows Studio
Funky Bat
Dragon Child
The Art of Lady Ducky
Stephnie Hovden and Christina Jose Art
Alice Wong and Tuan Vo
Attempted Not Known
SmudgeMarks & EngelWerks
CJ Lee Art
Nicole Madeline Ales Art
Christina Douk and Awkward Boobies
Minion Me
Dan Howard
RAWR! Dinosaur Friends
Matt MacFarland
Whitney Weber
540 Collab
Super Sikh Comics
MettlEdge Studios
RLT Press
LYME Studios
Love, Teacup Kisses
Chris's Comics
Ingrid Mouth Art and Comics
After Daylight - Vampire Comedy
Art of Bessie Chiu
M.A.E.L.strom Studios
Nicc Balce
Art of Ann Marcellino
Clubcard Printing
Matthew E. Walker Malicious Intent Studios
The Maze and
Shade: A Graphic Novel
Michael Manomivibul Illustration
Heidi Black Illustration
Silver Sprocket & Irene Comics
Black Snow Comics
Maria Calle, Jessica Grace, & Myisha Haynes
Gazbot and Q-Bits
Jusscope Press
Stafford & Konopitski Worldwide Adventures
Jen Hickman
Glowing Raptor Studio
Art of Alishea Gibson
Allentine, Andy Malpica, & Melisa Des Rosiers
Monster Elementary
Failing Sky
Marty Davis
Mark Z-Man Publications
Edition One Books
Paper Ache
Dylan Vermeul Art
Second Quest - David Hellman and Tevis Thompson
Bhairavi Kulkarni
David Faroz Precht
FlatKat Enterprises
8-Rock Press
Eve Skylar & Rick Kitagawa
Veronie Chu Chu
Alex Sheikman & Charles Yoakum
C. Gurat Designs
Dayvid & Joolie Comix
Kriyani Studio
EHA Comics & Haan Lee