Anime Consortium Japan announces 2015 fall season anime line-up

Anime Consortium Japan Inc., the Japanese company for official anime streaming, is proud to announce the following titles premiering in October on Japanese television, for streaming on its platform All titles will be available for free. Moreover, users logged in with their free DAISUKI account can enjoy the episodes in 1080p HD.

Streaming line-up:


Concrete Revolutio

  • Streaming start:
    • All areas and countries except below countries/areas: Oct 4 (Sun), 23:30 JST (Simulcast)
    • North, Central, Latin America, Iceland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand: Oct 11 (Sun), 23:30 JST

    No Streaming: Japan & China Subtitles: English, French, Italian, German, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian


    Heroes. Those who fight to protect the innocent. But who fights to protect the heroes? The Superhuman Bureau.

    Official Website Copyright notice               © BONES:Sho Aikawa/ Concrete Revolutio Production Committee


The Asterisk War

  • Streaming start (date/time): October 3 (Sat), 22:00 JST *for North America, Central and South America, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand: October 10 (Sat), 22:00 JST
  • Subtitles: English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, European Spanish, Russian *some languages might be not available depending on the area
  • Streaming area: Central and South America, North America, Australia, New Zealand and other English-speaking countries, Europe (except Germany and German speaking countries) Asia (except Japan, South Korea, China, India)
  • Copyright©2015 Yuu Miyazaki, PUBLISHED BY KADOKAWA CORPORATION / Asterisk Project


Invertia (meteor storm)… an unprecedented disaster that struck the world during the 20th century. Because of this disaster, numerous cities around the world were destroyed.

However, within the meteor, an unknown element called mana (the all-encompassing element), was discovered, which allowed human technology to make rapid strides. This also gave rise to a new species of human born with unique skills – the Star Pulse Generation (Genestella).

The setting for the world’s greatest comprehensive battle spectacle, the Festas (Star Warrior Festivals), is an academy city above the water surrounded by six academies called Rikka also commonly known as Asterisk. Having transferred into Seidoukan Academy in order to fulfill his own wish, scholarship student Ayato Amagiri swears he too will fight in this city.

Burning souls race… The curtain rises on this school battle spectacle!

Official Website Cardfight!!_Vanguard_G._Gears_Crisis_Hen++177506

Cardfight!! Vanguard G GIRS Crisis

  • Streaming start (date/time): October 11 (Sun), 10:30 JST
  • Subtitles:English
  • Streaming area: World-wide (except for Japan & China)
  • Copyright© Project Vanguard G 2015/TV Tokyo


"Cardfight!! Vanguard"

The card game with millions of players all over the world, is always thrilling people and nurturing bonds...

Chrono Shindou's fate of isolation was greatly changed by his experience with Vanguard through the unknown clan, "Gear Chronicle". Shion Kiba holds his head up high in his pursuit of his own possibilities. Tokoha Anjou has accepted herself for who she is, and is forming her own path to the future. The members of Team TRY3 stay strong to the Vanguard they believe in, and head down the path towards maturity together.

What is this "Plan-G" that Kouji Ibuki is devising to achieve his mission about? What future will Chrono and the rest achieve through their new encounters!? The G Quest will see Legend class fighters such as Toshiki Kai, Ren Suzugamori and Leon Soryu taking part!

The fight for a new era begins now!

Official Website tumblr_nspwv3HhBb1uq3m17o1_1280


  • Streaming start (date/time): Now streaming
  • Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese (HK), Traditional Chinese (TW), Simplified Chinese, French
  • Streaming area: World-wide (except for Japan & China)


The first episode of an original, short-form doll animation “MILPOM★”, presented by Bandai Namco Pictures, COVER, ASOBISYSTEM, and Vithmic, will be available via online on September 5th, Saturday!

Along with the animation, related goods are also planned to be on sale from September.

The story takes place in a certain ordinary town where it is natural for everyone to wear an animal costume head. It depicts the everyday life of the main character MILPOM and her friends who live there, filled with the essence of Kawaii and a little bit cynical girls.

Official Website



  • Streaming start (date/time): Oct 11 (Sun), 2:00 JST
  • Subtitles: English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
  • Streaming area: North America, Central and South America, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand


During the month of October of his third year in high school, Koyomi Araragi is introduced to a transfer student named Ougi Oshino by his underclassman Kanbaru Suruga. Ougi tells Koyomi that she has something she wishes to consult with him. When she draws the map of Naoestu High School, she finds something peculiar on the map of Naoetsu High School she draws.

This discovery reveals a tale that wasn’t meant to be told, and this makes Koyomi’s high school life totally different.

This is the story that brings to light “what” makes Koyomi Araragi. This is the story that reveals the “beginning” of everything.

Official Website


Hackadoll the Animation

  • Streaming start (date/time): October 2 (Wed), 23:00 JST
  • Subtitles: English, Thai, Indonesian
  • Streaming area: World-wide (except for Japan & China)
  • Copyright ©DeNA/Hackadoll the Animation Project


The Personal Entertainment AI "HackaDoll" was created to alleviate stress… These slightly clumsy but still lovable girls put their bodies on the line to solve the problems of a variety of people!

"Personal Entertainment AI HackaDoll will take care of all of your worries!"

Official Website