Review: Army of Darkness: Ash in Space #1

AODSpace01-Cov-A-HardmanThe well-handled Ash Gets Hitched miniseries provided a great dose of fun and action into the otherwise weak monthly offering.  With Steve Niles and crew stepping back to allow Cullen Bunn a turn at writing the chainsaw handed chronologically displaced anti-hero, a new turn begins for Ash and the Army of the Dead. While Ash does explore the final frontier, he falls into all the same traps that we have come to learn from the other comics and the movies.  First off, the beginning of the book serves as an info dump bringing readers up to speed as to why and how Ash got into space.  After being time portal transported to an Astronomer named Artemus Vrill, Ash realizes that the Necronimicon possessed the stargazer.  The two jump forward in time to the shuttle launch.

Naturally, Ash stows aboard to stop Vrill from doing something with the stars.  One interesting element the series provided was the idea of the Necronomicon interacting with shuttle technology.  Other than that, the rest of the book is common ash shooting Deadite fare.  The one liners sink as they did in the ongoing series, the generic nature of the Deadite threat feels uninspired.  While the backdrop of space seems like a fun turn for the antihero, the inability to give sufficient threat for the change in scenery makes this book a mediocre read.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Larry Watts Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/3/14 Format: Digital, Print