Aspen Comics Teams Up with Sony to Provide Art Themes for PlayStation

Publisher Aspen Comics, in partnership with The Powell Group, launched a series of custom PlayStation themes based on three of their popular series: Fathom, Soulfire, and Executive Assistant: Iris. Both the Fathom and Soulfire theme sets feature art exclusively by Aspen Comics founder Michael Turner with colors by Peter Steigerwald. The Executive Assistant: Iris theme set contains the work of pencilers Joe Benitez, Micah Gunnell, and Eduardo Francisco, with colors also by Steigerwald. Each theme package features three unique skins to customize your PlayStation background. These themes are available for purchase at the PlayStation Store, linked below for your convenience:!/en-us/search/q=aspen

Together, Aspen and The Powell Group are working to develop additional waves of skins utilizing other Aspen properties to be released at a later date.