Avatar Press On Sale 5/8/13: Ferals #14


Via Avatar Press:

David Lapham’s vicious werewolf redefining series continues to provide some of the best dramatic horror in comics.  This week Dale finds himself in a strange predicament as he is called to defend the last surviving wolf mother and having to face down the Feral fathers.  All the while, the insane Dr. Cherry conducts brutal tests upon Feral subjects in an attempt to learn the secrets of the lineage.  And the town of Green Gorge settles into a tense stand off with the military force occupying the town.  The entire Feral community is on the edge of war and only Dale Chesnutt seems to have a chance of diffusing the situation.

Don’t miss out on one of the truly original new horror series of the past several years.  Pick up the new issue and discover the world of the Ferals.