Avatar Press On Sale 5/8/13: Uber #1 and Uber #0 Enhanced


Get hyped because Uber releases this week. I'm betting this title is going to do very well for Avatar Press and from just reading the zero issue I can say that I'm looking forward to it. All the covers are after the jump, but really this is just a reminder to check the book out and grab the Enhanced zero issue if you missed it the first go around.

Via Avatar:

Uber #1 is in stores this week!  Kieron Gillen’s World War II epic rages on.  The German Ubermensch have arrived, delivered to Hitler in the dying days of the war.  Outmatched, the Allies encounter the first superhuman soldiers with deadly consequences.  But deep within the ranks of scientists for the Reich, one woman holds the key to the Allies obtaining their own super soldiers.  She must escape a re-surging German military and evade the ranks of living weapons which now occupy the war-front.