Best of 2014: Best Book of 2013 We're Still Talking About

Welcome back to our end of the year round-up! The categories haven't changed, but we are giving out something a little different this year to our winners... cuts. That's right, we're jumping you into the Comic Bastards winner circle! You can also listen to the "Best of 2014" podcast episode which is posted at the bottom to hear the entire list, otherwise check back for the next category. Now let's get going with our next category: Best Book of 2013 We're Still Talking About. 4-Best-Book-of-2013-We're-Still-Talking-About

Austin - Daredevil

I know this is kind of a cheat, but Waid has been absolutely SLAYING his run on Daredevil.  No matter what coast The Man Without Fear ends up on, and no matter the villain, I look forward to Waid's take on him every single issue.

Allen - Saga

This is the book I am most excited for every time it comes out. There hasn't been an issue that hasn't impressed me yet, it has great characters, beautiful art, and leaves you needing the next issue the second you are done. Saga is the perfect monthly book, a lot happens each issue and once it ends you start fiending for more.

James - Saga

Some people hate it.  Most people love it. Saga seems to be talked about continuously in both comic and non comic circles as it seems to have touched a vein of interest with many.  I don't think a day goes by that I don't encounter that iconic Chapter One cover somewhere during my internet surfing.

David - Young Avengers

In Young Avengers, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie created a Marvel title that was totally unique, and incredibly fun. Gillen made me more interested in these characters than I had ever been before, and McKelvie's energetic and brightly colored art made the whole thing flow beautifully - not to mention the awesome panel designs that were found in almost every issue. I think it's a real shame this series was cancelled so early, I would have loved to see where this creative team took the gang next. Pick up the trades if you haven't already, you won't regret it.

Dustin - Battling Boy

It wasn't hard to continue talking about this fantastic graphic novel with the release of Aurora West's own title, but even if there wasn't another book I would have still recommended and promoted this book to anyone looking to read a GOOD superhero title. Paul Pope breaks the mold and if you look at some of your favorite cape books from 2014 you may just find traces of Battling Boy inside.

Nick - High Crimes

This book's schedule means it's been out this year as well, but it's some of the best crime writing happening, some of the best adventure happening, some of the best scenic illustrations, just the best of all worlds. It helps that it's a digital book, expanding that market and proving it's not just for casual readers.

Andre - Sex Criminals

Duh! Sex Criminals puts sex in its title not to titillate, but educate and induce riotous laughter. With leads that are always great to read, and a narrative structure that feels very of the moment, this is a comic I hopes goes on long after the creators are able to attain orgasm sans medical aid.

Jeff - Sex Criminals

Steve - East of West

East of West lives in a place where high concept and narrative practice meet, redefining progressive storytelling along the way. It remains one of the best, most captivating books on the shelves. If tradition holds, it will only continue to get better.

Neil - Archer and Armstrong

Samantha - Letter 44

This title deals with something that I love; space. You can't help but get sucked in to this story.