Best of 2014: Best Movie/TV/Video Game in Comic Book Format

Welcome back to our end of the year round-up! The categories haven't changed, but we are giving out something a little different this year to our winners... cuts. That's right, we're jumping you into the Comic Bastards winner circle! You can also listen to the "Best of 2014" podcast episode which is posted at the bottom to hear the entire list, otherwise check back for the next category. Now let's get going with our next category: Best Movie/TV/Video Game in Comic Book Format. 10-Best-Movie-TV-Video-Game-in-Comic-Book-Format

Nina - Adventure Time

Hilarious and fun.

Steve - Black Dynamite

It has its hiccups, for sure, but in its beginning and particularly its most recent issue, this book has been spot-on as regards the source material!

Neil - Black Dynamite

This book has been slow in the release, but the book is hilarious and true to the movie.  A great book for fans of the series

Kevin - Silent Hill: Downpour

The art is the real winner in this book. But as the series goes on it reminds me how much fun I had with the game. So in some weird way it works.

Nick - Regular Show

Fits the tone of the show to a "T" without feeling like a retread, alongside stellar art that also doesn't toe the party line of being exactly like the show.

Austin - Regular Show


James - Twilight Zone

One of my favorite television shows of all time got off to an awesome start back in January 2014 with the superb writing of J. Michael Straczynski.  The first arc was simply awesome and the second arc was pretty good.  Some of the side story releases were a little bit flatter.  But overall, I would say that Rod Sterling would have been proud at what was released under the Twilight Zone name.  It had a strong moral feel of the original TV series.

Dustin - Doctor Who: 10th and 11th Doctors

I've said this before, but it's worth saying agian... IDW's Doctor Who comics were terrible! Titan's Doctor Who comic books are fucking fantastic and I couldn't get enough of them this year. I can't wait for more of 12 and 9 next year.

Jeff - Bravest Warriors

Not only a great companion to a series that isn't nearly long enough, it actually expands the source material considerably, resulting into a galactic epic that could rival anything DC is currently doing (well, save for 'Multiversity' I guess).