Leading independent home entertainment label Camp Motion Pictures announces the acquisition of director Gregory Lamberson’s newest film, KILLER RACK, written by Paul McGinnis.  The agreement for world-wide distribution of the film in all formats and markets was inked during the 2015 Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, and commences immediately after KILLER RACK concludes its film festival circuit. KILLER RACK will be the fourth film by Lamberson to hit home entertainment on one of the POP Cinema / Camp Motion Pictures labels, titles currently available include SLIME CITY, NAKED FEAR, UNDYING LOVE and 2014’s dark comedy DRY BONES.  Films produced by Gregory Lamberson currently available in the POP Cinema / Camp Motion Pictures library include SNOW SHARK and THE LEGEND OF SIX FINGERS.

About Camp Motion Pictures A leading independent home entertainment label, Camp Motion Pictures showcases vintage and contemporary films that embody the Do-It-Yourself aesthetic of the 1980s, with an emphasis on storytelling and practical FX.  Notable releases include CALL GIRL OF CTHULHU, SLIME CITY, DRY BONES, ANIMOSITY, VIDEO VIOLENCE and THE CASEBOOK OF EDDIE BREWER.  Films from the Camp Motion Pictures library can be found on iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, Shudder,, Redbox and at retail outlets FYE, Suncoast, Hastings and Family Video. For additional information on Camp Motion Pictures

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