Comic Bastards Invade SuperCon 2014

Most Florida cons pop up at the center of the state (Orlando), and South Floridians get forgotten—until now.  SuperCon, sponsored by local comic shop Past, Present, Future, brought together cosplayers, media guests, and celebrities the July 4th weekend at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The $30 day pass granted access to the sales floor.  Parking ran an additional $10-$15 while a photograph or autograph from your most beloved Power Ranger, professional wrestler, or star cost a good $30 to $199 to acquire.  Beyond that, the amount of books, artwork, or tattoos you blow your hard earned cash on depended on the volume of self-control you could muster.  To borrow and alter the 90s phenom wrestler The Godfather’s catchphrase, “Conin ain’t easy.”

And speaking of wrestlers, some such as Scott Steiner, Ted DiBiasi, and Kevin Nash sat and played with their phones while the new generation of cosplayers obsessed with the newest anime star ignored the once mighty idols of professional sports entertainment.

The featured guest, Jason Mamoa of Conan, Game of Thrones, and possibly Aqua Man in Zack Snyder’s Justice League film commanded the longest lines.  Nichelle Nichols, Scott Adsit, and Deep Roy generally stood around waiting for people to drop in.  The heartbreak moment for me was seeing Caroll Spinney, the muppeteer behind Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, sat at a table with no line and looked to sell colored pencil art of some of the characters he portrayed.  Such apathy to a legendary figure showed me that time moves on, and that I am getting old.  Or I’m already old as my wife Sarah likes to remind me.

Another noticeable shift in the convention environment was the amount of independent programmers out to shill their latest apps, programs, and discs.  Such gatherings provide some publicity for those looking to code the next Angry Birds or Temple Run.  Tables and tables of iPads and display screens covered an entire area of showroom floor.  Meanwhile, gaming contests for popular titles including League of Legends went on in corner rooms filled with avid gamers.

Cosplayers turned out in droves to display their elaborate, whimsical, and zany disguises.  The amount of craftsmanship, time, and work that went into some of the raiment gave the feeling that conventions rival Halloween for a chance to reveal one’s true self.

While a battery of smaller sessions featured guest star lectures, podcast recordings, and comedy sketches, the likes of SuperCon did not attract any entertainment news or revelations that one would find at a San Diego Comic Con.  For now, the West Coast will retain the rights to the biggest convention in the business.  However, the rainy holiday weekend drew crowds that would rather don a cape than grill a burger or light an M-80.

Since this was a comic book convention, a great selection of artists occupied tables and presented their sketches for sale at varying prices.  George Perez and Neal Adams put pen to pad to deliver sketches on the spot.  And one prominent writer, Peter David, sat ready to discuss the glory days of Hulk and Babylon 5 with those who would hear him.  Hopefully, more conventions will attract better writers, for without the scribes there would be no books!

Neal Adams

Two prominent comic book companies repped their gear at the event: Zenoscope touted their line of fairy tale t&a books and Valiant displayed the outstanding line of work that the revived company serves up monthly.

For those in the South Florida area that could not make it to Supercon, fret not.  A small gathering will take place July 19th and 20th at the Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale.  UltraCon might not have the star attendees, but it does have the more convenient location.

Enjoy more photos from the con below!



Comic Covers


Miami Ghostbusters

Miami Ghostbusters2

Miami Ghostbusters3


Zombie Stormtroopers

AtAt Driver Helmet

Mogera Art

Artist Display


Prime Helmets


Mogera Art