Comic Bastards Weekly Feature Update: 8/26 to 8/31

Welcome back to our second week of weekly features! Hopefully you caught all of them, but with this recap I'll walk you through everything special we presented to you this week. This week we're short "The Spandex Retrospective", but we just added a few previous editions from the old design onto the new design so check it out. Wednesday - My Pull List

Jordan is back with another list of books that you should check out this week and sure enough we reviewed a few of them on the site this week. He also gives some insight as too why he reads comics weekly so definitely check out his pull list and be sure to tell us yours. Trust me, we want to know.

Thursday - Comic Bastards Toolbox

Dustin's in the "Toolbox" again this week, but rather than turning a horror superhero story into a comedy he's taking a crack at Alpha Flight. That's right, Marvel's premiere Canadian team that manages to get rebooted every few years. It's a bit different that last week's "Toolbox" which is the charm of that feature, so give it a read and of course leave your thoughts or suggestions on how to fix Alpha Flight.

Friday - My Top Rack

Samantha returns with her pick of the top female character of the week and wouldn't you know it... it's Iris West. She's going to break down for you everything that's kick-ass about Iris and discuss the latest issue of The Flash while she's at it. It's good stuff!

Saturday - Comics: Where Do I Start? Horror

Dustin is filling in for the week with his suggestions for people looking to get into comics or looking to expand their reading. He's taking a different approach than Steve did last week and instead of one title, he's giving you several horror themed comics to look at.

Group Reviews

Out last little section here is dedicated to our group reviews of the week. We had three titles this week and they were all very different:

Grimm Fairy Tales - No Tomorrow #1

TMNT #25 - "City Fall" Part 4

Arcane Secrets #1


Where there you have it. It's another week of features that we hope you're enjoying. If there's a suggestion for any of these features that you'd like to see then let us know in the comments. Otherwise, until next week.