Comic Book Bingo -- For Real Fans

Comic book and graphic novel fanatics make the best of friends. Whether you grew up idolizing Tony Stark, wished you had the confidence and innate skill of Wonder Woman or, spent countless nights reading about the nightmarish events in “The Walking Dead,” you can easily understand the excitement, intrigue and fantasy that comic books and graphic novels evoke. Friends, in turn, come together to celebrate their commonalities and what better way of doing that than by organizing a fun night of comic book bingo? Featuring the likes of your friends’ favorite heroes and graphic novel titles, comic book bingo can be both fun, engaging and, somewhat nostalgic. And for those looking to organize a party for their young ones, this themed bingo game is also child friendly! We set off on a mission and scouted pinterest for you fans of comic books out there in order to find the perfect bingo board to suit your needs. With a multitude of options to choose from, it’s no wonder we had a hard time finding the perfect one! We found game boards made for those enthusiasts of genres, superheros, quotes and even authors or graphic artists, to name a few. We thought this graphic novel themed card one was a perfect example of a fun, yet challenging game board, tailoring to those of you looking for something beyond just pictures and colors:

Graphic Novel Bingo

Playing bingo with this board is really simple! Each square has a specific graphic novel title associated to it, so if you have a title that suits the description on the board, then you can check off that square. Bear in mind that a title can be only used once, and can’t be attributed to more than one square throughout the course of one game. You win when you achieve a full vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. It’s really that simple. The hard part is associating titles to descriptions and that’s where the real enthusiasts get to show their skill against the amateurs.

The key to a great comic book or graphic novel bingo board is that it should cater to real fans of comic books, those who will be able to identify everything from indie comics to universally known titles. This, in turn, is what makes the game as challenging as you want to be. Fans like to compete against each other in order to see who’s more in the know with the latest character plot, release or indie title. It takes traditional bingo to the next level and gives it that little extra challenge to make it that much more exciting. Additionally, as most comic book fans are also avid readers, specific to the genre, you might benefit by creating a board that’s wordy and fun to read.

If you’d like to put together your own bingo board, you can with the assistance of Visit this expansive site for ideas on bingo themes, gameplays and how you can create a board that is fun for you and your friends!

Have fun!