DC Wants You To Have A Mortal Kombat X Comic Book

Do you know how hard it was not to spell comic with a "K" in that headline? Oh and Malibu Comics for the win-- now what DC!?  Your move DC, come on man! Show me what you got to say about Mortal Kombat in your big fancy DC Blog!

MORTAL KOMBAT X, in development by NetherRealm Studios and to be published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, is the next installment in the critically acclaimed game franchise which continues 25 years after the events of 2011’s MORTAL KOMBAT. The new comic book series of the same name will serve as a prequel to the game and will feature many favorite characters and the next generation of Kombatants. The series is being written by Shawn Kittelsen with interior art by Dexter Soy and covers by Ivan Reis. The series will debut in January 2015.

Wow that blurb really put my mind at ease. There is absolutely no reason to worry that DC and Mortal Kombat are together (again) in comic book form. Oh and I'm sure that creative team will be awesome when it comes to telling stories with your favorite kombatants-- simply put this series is going to be a  flawless victory!