Deer Editor: Hack Heads To Kickstarter on August 30th

DEER EDITOR by Sami [CHUM] Kivelä and Ryan K [NEGATIVE SPACE] Lindsay is back to Kickstarter for a third and final issue this September to promote #antlernoir in the finest tablet view format believable. After 2 hugely successful campaigns for the debut issue and the follow-up FEARLESS issue, the team comes back with HACK, a story of a rescue and a road trip that suddenly becomes a campaign of vengeance and closure for the editor of the crime beat at The Truth.

With a 48 page story you can buy as a $1 pdf, the team is also assembling a slate of other pledges you can check out in order to elevate your enjoyment and the creative team's profit margin.

The team have set a $2,000 goal in this 'digital-only' campaign which is peppered with a lot of reasons to back it, beyond just the fact you love the character and concept and want to see how certain plot elements tie up.

Deer Editor vol 3 Hack-1Let's jump to the rapid-fire rundown!

  • 1st day backers on Launch Day [August 30] who hit up the $3 pledge or above will automatically be gifted a pdf of CHUM #1, the surf noir miniseries through ComixTribe from this creative team.
  • The $3 pledge also means you are buying the deluxe pdf of DEER EDITOR: HACK – which includes pin-ups, process materials, the full script, as well as the basic pdf files for the first 2 issues.
  • Sami Kivelä will be making available some art in $90 Deer Editor themed pin-ups, as well as some $140 pin-ups of whatever character you want..
  • Ryan is preparing a third Volume of his Script pdf for the $7 pledge, in which you can see scripts for his Dark Horse book NEGATIVE SPACE, his IDW book HEADSPACE, and other short miscellanea.
  • Thank You Downloads – backers from previous campaigns will know that when you back DEER EDITOR you don't just get the antlers, you usually end the campaign with many other downloads from other comics, magazines, ebooks, pitch material, and more. At 100% on this campaign, all backers will receive an ebook of THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: EXAMINING MATT MURDOCK AND DAREDEVIL – a book of essays about Marvel's Daredevil by Ryan. He also has some ideas for what to offer in future stretch goals – which he will announce when funded.
  • Okay, you can have a tease at some Stretch Goals: a 4 page Deer Editor short by Sami and Ryan will be added to the deluxe pdf, and you won't want to miss this one, trust us, it's got a great guest star. The last campaign offered a chance for backers to write 'six-page antler noir stories' and have them published in the deluxe format, and something very similar will happen for this campaign.
  • When we hit 100 Backer increments, one person will be selected to receive signed copies of the very rare print versions of all 3 issues of DEER EDITOR in the mail.

We are really excited to run the campaign for a month, we hope you get excited with us, as it's meant to be a festival atmosphere and we aim to please.