Double Review: Review: Galaxy Man and Hero Cats

Galaxy Man and Hero Cat #3Hey I have got a double review going on. While attending Heroes Con in Charlotte, I stumbled across these two comics. I saw Hero Cats and the artist, Marcus Williams, spotted my fur cover t-shirt from a mile away. He just knew I was a cat fan. Since the site gives shout outs to smaller comics, I thought I could do my bid for this cute little comic. I got to talk with Kyle Puttkammer, creator of Galaxy Man, about the work he is doing. See the cool thing about these two comics is that they intertwine stories. Let’s first start with Galaxy Man. He is an ordinary dad just trying to take care of his daughter. The one thing that sets him apart is that his wife is an astronaut. While on a mission to Mars, she disappears in space and he searches for his wife every night. He even built a huge observatory attached to the house in order to look for her. Tragic story really. While searching for his wife, an asteroid hits down at Galaxy Man’s home. He decides to take a closer look and warns his daughter to stay put. While looking at the asteroid, it explodes, leaving Galaxy Man with powers. He starts to fight crime and searches for his wife in the process. With his new found powers, one including flying, he searches in space but is overwhelmed with its complexity. He needs help and recruits Cosmic Girl. Little does he know that Cosmic Girl is his daughter. See she didn’t listen to her dad and followed him when seeking out the asteroid. She felt the explosion too. So she knows that Galaxy Man is her dad but he has no idea. Typical father doesn’t know crap plot. Ha.

Hero Cats takes place in Galaxy Man’s home because the main kitten, Cassiopeia, lives with them. (Notice how I didn’t say owned because we all know cats own humans). Such a cute concept. In issue #0, Cassiopeia takes time to introduce her gang of cats and the work they do when the humans aren’t looking. Marcus told me that Hero Cats gets introduced in #4 of Galaxy Man which I haven’t purchased yet. Also, Hero Cats #0 is only available at the different events they attend. Once Galaxy Man gets into #5 and beyond I assume Hero Cats will be put up on their site to purchase as well…at least I hope.

946242_253261334798977_563348987_nThe comic in my opinion is geared for a younger audience. I could see myself sitting down to read this comic with my kids someday. I love comics that families can bond over. Of course the overall theme of father daughter duo helps to sell this comic to the father side. Hero Cats is that little treat in Galaxy Man’s world.  I also think kids would just love this comic mostly because it surrounds cats and the mystery behind them. We all like to think that cats have some sort of power that is why they disappear so much, are so independent, and feed themselves with curiosity. Either comic is a good buy so check out the site (HERE).

Score: 4/5

Galaxy Man

Writer: Kyle Puttkammer

Artist: Allen Belk

Publisher: Galactic Press

Price: $3.99 each

Hero Cats

Writer: Kyle Puttkammer

Artist: Marcus Williams

Publisher: Galactic Press