Dual Review: The White Suits #3

In this dual review two writers, in this case Samantha and Dustin, will take a look at the issue and give a score of: Buy, Borrow or Pass. Before we begin here’s what the issue is about from Dark Horse Comics: Mob war erupts in Chinatown! In a desperate final gambit, New York’s criminal underworld and their Russian mercenaries draw the murderous White Suits into a deadly ambush, with ex-Suit Prizrak and FBI agent Sarah Anderson as hostages. With no way out but death, who will survive the “Kill Box”?

Samantha: BUY

I can’t get enough of this comic visually. It captures my every attention when reading. I love the literal splashes of color, the very dark setting, and the low color range. All of it makes me want to jump inside the story. I mean dude, the one scene set up of the camera roll introducing our players and the city picture of Chinatown. It was awesome!

There is a time difference between our two stories that makes for some real fun. Anderson and blank are being harassed about the events that happened last issue. While simultaneously the two have teamed up to take the Suits on a rooftop. So we go from planning the event and the actual event during the course of the comic. I always like these double stories.

Although I like the beginning of this story, it seemed very one-sided with its plot. I feel like this issue hit us with real potential for a full-fledged thriller, but then at the same time especially with the ending, disappointed in that department again.. Anderson and her partner, which let’s face it that is what they have created, are out for revenge. They enlist the help of some not so friendly people, but hopefully it will get the job done. I went very back and forth with this issue thinking something was developing with all secrets being kept by the Suits. Then we get slapped in the face with not finding anything at all. We only have one issue left, and I feel like there is so much to cover. It seems like we may be rushing through the plot with our next installment.

I did still give the issue a “buy” because I am still intrigued with what will happened. I haven’t lost interest quite yet. I really hope we don’t rush through, and this comic can wrap with not only the cool artwork, but also lay out an even plot of who the Suits are.

The White Suits #3 Cover

Dustin: BUY

The true success of any mini-series is being able to have each issue/chapter of the mini stand on its own. The White Suits does just that as each issue tells a complete part of the story whereas a lot of mini-series will have an awkward issue that feels like the extension of another issue. I hate that; so to see Frank J. Barbiere execute it perfectly makes me wonder why more writers can’t?

I was actually describing this book to someone who hadn’t read it yet the other day and I realized the story itself is pretty simple. It’s a revenge tale, but of course the charm of the story is the unstoppable, seemingly unkillable, White Suits and the over the top cast of characters. But that’s kind of it because the star of the story is the artwork.

I don’t know if I would enjoy this series as much if it wasn’t Toby Cypress. His command over the visuals is wonderful. At times it’s amazing artistic and captures the principles of design, but then at the same time it’s jammed full of nerd/geek style which can be seen on the cover with the skull and crossbones over the bodies faces. That’s actually used inside the issue as well and it’s really cool. It’s cool element like that, that Cypress brings to the series.

Yes you should buy this book. Shit just looking at the last page would be enough to convince me to buy it again, it’s that freaking cool. If you’re a trade waiter you better be a pre-orderer as well because this book is definitely purchase worthy.

Score: BUY IT!

Writer: Frank J. Barbiere Artist: Toby Cypress Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/16/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital