Episode 66: It's A Dry Load

There is a lion’s share of news this week and we spend a little too much time on it. Regardless, we cover voice acting and the how much it sucks lately. Did you know that Mr. JJ is going to do them their new Star Wars movie(s)? Plus the WB wants a Robotech movie; Boom’s 2 Guns gets a flick. The Age of Ultron gets more promos for you to stare at. Oh and what’s going on at DC?  Comic wise - if you want our hardcore Indie comic pick of the week then you’ll enjoy World’s Strongest Mailman. FUN! Then there are two video game books that get covered with Borderlands #3 and DMC #1! CBMFP is GO! miss_macross_01_by_kitty_honey-d52b24n