Episode 79: Two Hours Of You Trying Learn What A Girlfriend Is

This week we hit you with our usual entertainment news starting with our thoughts on Futurama's second demise... or is it the third? We take a stab at that TMNT bullshit one more time before swearing off of it until moving images arrive somewhere on the internet and then move into our first impressions about that Thor 2 trailer that hit the netwebsinterness. On the comic side we give you the skinny on the Man of God Kickstarter, DC's Trinity Wars expansion, Cyborg Superman... wait what? And of course we touch on that new Halo: Initiation series that Dark Horse announced at c2e2. Dustin reminds you why Mind MGMT is one of the best series being published along with his declining love towards Five Weapons. While Kevin hits you with not one, but two snikting issues of Wolverine's new series. CBMFP is GO! ThoraCosplay