Fan Film: Joker Rising Rough Cut  

The dark and gritty story of the early days of the Joker and how he became what we know him as today.

For a limited time you can view Smoking Alien's rough cut of their fan filmed called, The Joker Rising.  Here's the info from their YouTube page!

A rough cut that will only be up for a limited time. Any feedback is more than welcomed. Missing color correction in a lot of it and also some sounds, but you have the whole film here.

Also we are thinking about turning this into a gotham crime trilogy with the Joker being the main villain throughout Would love to hear about characters and stories that deserve a darker treatment

Here is it's page

The trailer for a full length dark and gritty film about the origin of the Joker that will be finished soon.

It is a fan film as we do not own the rights to the characters, music, and original ideas. This is DC and warner bros property. This is being made to tell a good story and to give the villains their due.

Starring Dylan Hobbs- The Joker Katie Young- Harley Quinn Manuel Eduardo Ramirez- Croc Dominique Marsell- Riddles Ski Carr- Black Mask Bob Buhrl- Oswald Mario Orozco- Spider Sarah Nunez- Ivy Baylee Curran- Sarah Travis O'leary- The Bat Robert Esparza- AJ