FCBD '13: Christos Gage's Absolution Returns to Avatar Press


Avatar Press is celebrating Free Comic Book Day with a brand new introduction to Christos Gage’s world ofAbsolution.  Comic shops all over the world will be handing out the first chapter of his super powered crime series to thousands of new fans.  John Dusk was a cop with powers.  He did his duty, brought in the bad guys, and followed the law.  But as criminals became more extreme, the punishment for their crimes all too often was going un-administered.  When Dusk becomes judge, jury, and executioner, he steps over the line and is branded a vigilante.  Now his friends and co-workers are out to bring him in.

Christos Gage brings a hard edged sensibility to the world of Absolution that you won’t find in many other comics.  And this new Absolution The Beginning Free Comic Book Day edition is the perfect intro to the eagerly anticipated sequel, Absolution Rubicon, shipping this July.  Return to the world of John Dusk and see crime through the eyes of swift and final justice.

Via Avatar Press