Film Tekkonkinkreet by STUDIO4℃ 10th anniversary from the theatrical release!

As a celebration of 10th anniversary since the theatrical release of the film “Tekkonkinkreet,” exciting events are coming up in Japan. Also a new artbook focusing on characters will be released WORLDWIDE on April 6th!



Event title: Tekkonkinkreet 10th Anniversary Genga/ Key animation Exhibition (working title) Start date: April 6th (For 2 months) Details: Exhibitions of key animations, image boards, character designs, background arts, and more Venue: Fukushima Sakura Yugakusha Coming-up events will be informed on the 10th Anniversary Special Campaign page! (


<ABOUT ARTBOOK: Characters>

The new artbook includes never-been-published materials, such as character designs, image boards, and key animations. Following the former two books, Tekkonkinkreet Film ARTBOOK Kuro (Black) side and Shiro (White) side, which included background arts and met with an enthusiastic reception, it is the third bullet for all animation fans! More sample images will be introduced here soon 

■ Release date: April 6th (Shiro’s day)

■ Tekkonkinkreet Film ARTBOOK: Characters

B5 size, hardcover, 192 pages, 2,980 yen Contents: Character designs, image boards, key animations, and more. (Captions and texts are in Japanese.) ※ Details and contents are subject to change.

<10th Anniversary Special Campaign>

The ARTBOOK will be available prior to the release date on “STUDIO4℃FUN&” ( from TODAY (February 6th) at 7:00 pm (JST) until April 5th!

There are special advantages such as autographs of the director Michael Arias and the character designer & the supervising animation director Shojiro Nishimi (Limited 100), and hand-drawn key animations used in the movie!! Don’t miss the chance!

<ABOUT “Tekkonkinkreet”>

Based on the legendary comic by Taiyo Matusmoto, Tekkonkinkreet is the directorial debut of THE ANIMATRIX producer Michael Arias. Cutting-edge 3D-CG blends with old-fashioned hand drawn animation to create a movie of tremendous energy and momentum.

With harmony of STUDIO4°C’s skilled creators such as Hiroaki Ando (co-director), Shinji Kimura (art director), and Shojiro Nishimi (character designer and animation director), Tekkonkinkreet is a shining example of a high quality, no-compromise animation production of STUDIO4°C.

UK Techno masters Plaid's soundtrack helps bring Taiyo Matsumoto's profound, poetic work to vivid life. The main characters WHITE and BLACK were voiced by Kazuya Ninomiya from the Japanese popular singer group ARASHI and young performing actress Yu Aoi.

MAIN STAFF Director: Michael Arias Co-director: Hiroaki Ando Character Designer • Supervising Animation Director: Shojiro Nishimi Art Director: Shinji Kimura CGI Director: Takuma Sakamoto Animation Director: Chie Uratani Animation Director • Vehicle Designer: Masahiko Kubo Original Comic:Taiyo Matsumoto

CAST Black (Kuro) • Itachi: Kazunari Ninomiya White (Shiro): Yu Aoi Suzuki: Min Tanaka Kimura: Yusuke Iseya Chocola: Nao Omori Vanilla: Yoshinori Okada Sawada: Kankuro Kudo Hebi: Masahiro Motoki