Get Dragon Age: Origins For Free

On your PC that is. Yep, that's right EA and BioWare are giving the classic RPG, Dragon Age: Origins away for free or "on the house" as they like to say! Peep the details from the Dragon Age Site below. Make sure you act now because it's only till  Tuesday, October 14

Relive the opening act of the epic Dragon Age franchise with Dragon Age: Origins, now available On the House with Origin!

Dragon Age: Origins introduced gamers to the rich, detailed world of Thedas, a world filled with deadly mages and powerful dragons. The choice-driven RPG has strategic combat and a personalized story, and it’s free right now with Origin On the House! Just add it to your Origin Game Library and download it whenever you want.

You don’t need to log into Dragon Age: Origins to enjoy the single-player quest; if you see any messages asking you to when you start the game, just skip them, and you’ll be good to go! If you have any questions, visit this FAQ.

Dragon Age: Origins is On the House until October 14th, but once you’ve added it to your library, it’s all yours.

Be sure to pre-order the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition, available November 18.

I enjoyed the game the first time around and it's definitely worth picking it up if you've never got around to playing it. So check it out!