Get Your Copy of Nix Comics Quarterly #9 on Kickstarter

Issue #9 of Nix Comics Quarterly, The garage punk themed comic horror anthology is ready to go to press, and I would like you to help get the book to print in time for Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) in October by pre-ordering a copy through Kickstarter. REWARDS:

  • $4  for pick up at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus in October
  • $4 plus shipping to have the latest issue mailed to you
  • $16 plus shipping for the latest issue and a poster by Mark Rudolph
  • $25 plus shipping for the comic and a Pat Redding Scanlon designed T-Shirt 
  • $40 for all nine issue if Nix Comics Quarterly
  • Original Mark Rudolph art rewards starting at only $100

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Cover by Stephen Blickenstaff:  This issue's cover was created by the artist/musician responsible for one of the most iconic album covers of all time! (The Cramps: Bad Music for Bad People)  What a thrill to have him on board for this issue!

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The Vicar: Whispers From The Alley by Ken Eppstein and Michael NenoThe monster huntin' garage rockin' preacher faces off against a werewolf But that's just the beginning of the story as his right-hand man, Alberto, has a conversation with... A dog in the alley?

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Illustration by Michael Neno


Butcher Baby by Ken Eppstein and Gideon Kendall Verna thinks there is something wrong with her roommate Sally's creepy new additions to her Beatles collection.  It's a frightening foursome to be sure!

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Illustration by Gideon Kendall

Hellhounds On My Trail by Ken Eppstein and Pat Redding Scanlon 

Ana Satura, Introduced in the Vicar Story in issue #7 and fresh off a starring role in Nix Comics summer Tee-Shirt sale, gets her own story!  It's all guitars, hot rod cars and karate chops as we get a little insight into who Ana is!

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Illustration by Pat Redding Scanlon

The Shoplift Horror by Christian Hoffer and Andy Bennett 

The owner of the last record store on earth has to deal with post-apocalyptic Lovecraftian horrors on a daily basis.... So exactly is what is so horrifying about a simple shoplifter??

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Illustrated by Andy Bennett

Did It Really Happen? Thor Meets Stan Lee by Ken Eppstein and Mark Rudolph 

What happened when Canadian rocker and bodybuilder Jon Mikl Thor met Marvel's Stan Lee?  Well, it was more than a little cloudburst! 'Nuff Said.

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Illustration by Mark Rudolph

Bus Stop Ned has a good day by Ken Eppstein and Matt Wyatt  and Bus Stop Ned has a recipe by Matt Miner and Jude Vigants

Two new stories featuring everybody's (least) favorite commuter!  Dialog taken from actual real bus stop "horror stories"