Goliath: Motion Comic Trailer Teases a World At War Where Giants Roam

As Comic-Con draws near, we wanted reach out to you with a fantastic motion comic teaser trailer for the recently announced title, Goliath. Published by Viva Media and developed by Whalebox Studio, Goliath is built by a small team with big ideas and talent – and is slated for release on Steam (PC), Mac, and Linux in winter 2016. Goliath explores the concept of survival in a world of giants, dropping players into a world at war where massive monsters roam. Fortunately, players can build giants of their own! Survive and search the world to discover the materials needed to craft tools and weapons, including Goliaths – giant robotic suits that will help even the odds against the enormous creatures that rule the land!

In celebration of Comic-Con, today’s motion comic trailer release teases the title’s art style, mood, setting, and of course, one of the many gigantic Goliath’s players will pilot in this unique approach to survival and action-RPG genres. Along with this teaser trailer, screenshots and artwork are also available at the download link.

For more information about Goliath, please visit the game’s official site, as well as follow the game on Facebook and Twitter.