Group Review: Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1

DC timed it’s “Suicide Squad” books to their movie release so we have not one, but two group reviews for you in the same vein. Each reviewer will give their thoughts on the issue and their score. [su_quote]Comic Bastards Synopsis: Have you ever read a first issue of the Suicide Squad? Well… this is that… again.[/su_quote]

TYSON: 4/5

Isn’t it funny? I swear, being on the opposite side of Barack Obama could make Superman look like the bad guy. With Amanda Waller, it’s not even fair. Very strong opening, and the President makes a valid point about Task Force X and Amanda Waller. The point about President Obama not knowing about Waller until his second term is also a nice addition, just because I do sometimes wonder about these sorts of things.

Looking at the team, as one would believe with the current trend and ideology behind Rebirth, we’re back to basics when it comes to the Squad. Manta clearly has his own issues to deal with and along with more recent members, it looks likes their tenure with the Squad is done. Still, if the cover and movie are any indication, we’ll see some new members soon enough. Personally, I’m looking forward most to seeing what Katana brings to the fold.

Suicide Squad: Rebirth is a good-looking book, there’s no doubt about it. Rebirth has had some truly beautiful books and Suicide Squad: Rebirth is right up there, thanks to Jonathan Glapion and Philip Tan. Rob Williams, not to be outdone, gives the characters amazing voices. I will say, I feel he put it on a little thick with Harley and Boomerang, but with such distinct characters and personalities, finding the balance is tricky and I don’t fault him for it.

SSQUADREB_Cv1_open_order_varJORDAN: 4/5

Well, I’m all the more excited to go and see the film this week (it worked DC) – Suicide Squad: Rebirth kicked serious ass!  First of all, Philip Tan…there are no words; just wow. His artwork is jaw dropping. Intrinsically drawn, incredibly detailed, comparable to Jim Lee yet by no means derivative or lacking in individual style or character; my favourite artist of any Rebirth title I’ve read. His rendering of Harley Quinn is the stand out for me: he highlights her power and her insanity brilliantly. He doesn’t objectify her or sexualize her or parade her around in a towel for the first 7 pages of the issue; kudos Philip Tan and the same goes for Rob Williams. I love what this team has done for the re-introduction of the Suicide Squad: it’s gritty, violent, brutal and unforgiving – just the way it should be. The art, writing, colours, inks; It’s difficult to find flaw. Altogether, it’s a visually stunning book with a great story to go along with it. I know before I said I was never a big Harley Quinn fan but after reading this issue, I may have to re-evaluate some opinions…

P.S. who else LOVED President "not Obama" talking to Waller?!


I’m the odd man out on this group review. This issue did nothing really. It set the stage for the series and informed new readers. That was it. It gave the shallowest of character moments that didn’t feel genuine in the least bit. Everyone got a turn to get their shit in and frankly it left the issue feeling boring and predictable. Which pretty much describes a lot of the Rebirth one-shots, but the others left me with something to talk about either good or bad. Suicide Squad left me feeling blank. I didn’t feel anything while reading it.

Phillip Tan’s artwork is the most inconsistent that I’ve ever seen it. Harley Quin’s face changes shape and size so much that I became really bothered by it. That and the entire prison scene looked really lackluster. No one cares about the lone man sitting in prison anymore. We’ve seen it. There’s nothing visually interesting and even less so when it’s Rick Flagg Jr… I did not pop for this.

I’m glad the other writers enjoyed this comic. For me it was only slightly better than Harley Quinn this week. I might check out the true first issue, but I might just wait for the inevitable creative shake up that haunts this series. Oh, and fuck “Task Force X,” either use it in the title or stop fucking using it. I hate that it has two names and one of this is just pointless as hell.

“Welcome to Task Force X… but we call it the Suicide Squad.”

“Why even call it Task Force X then?”

“Looks good in government papers.”

“But you said everything was off the books?”

“Oh right… well in WWII…”

“It’s 2016… shut up about a war you didn’t experience…”


[su_box title="Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Philip Tan
Inkers: Jonathan Glapion, Scott Hanna and Sandu Florea
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99
Format: One-Shot; Print/Digital