Group Review: The White Suits #2

Each of the participating writers/reviewers of Comic Bastards will give the issue a score of: Buy, Borrow or Pass along with a short reason for the score. Here’s a blurb about the issue from Dark Horse Comics before we begin: The White Suits, scourges of Russia’s underworld, have declared war on New York’s organized crime. But NYC’s crime overlords have their own army of Russian mercenaries hunting the Suits, with FBI agent Sarah Anderson and the former Suit known as Prizrak certain to be caught in the crossfire!


Wow! Issue two just blows the doors off from issue one. The pacing of this book is just great. Right off the bat, just instant action of people getting killed and tons of gunplay, then it switches back to our main character and it gives you enough of the story to keep you in the know of how she is going to track this group down who right now they look like they are untouchable.   What I do like about this issue and this entire series so far is that it feels like this series could be made into a movie just because of the tone of the book, and the pacing that this book is taking. It’s just amazing!  It really feels like the creators are balls to the walls with each issue.  And that art!  Gorgeous, and in sync with the feel of the story it looks so gritty but classy at the same time.  For me, this books art is Sin City art but on steroids. I can’t get enough off that art style.  If you guys haven’t gotten into this series just go out and get issue one, and issue two. This book is super fun book and I can’t wait for issue three!

Samantha: BUY

Toby Cypress brings some damn good visuals in this piece. I call it a piece not a comic, because it reads like art. Sometimes you have to look at the picture forever in order to fully grasp the action or details of each second. I think that is pretty cool.

Overall, The White Suits is hitting some strong strides for its first couple of issues. Since we don’t really know who the White Suits are either, it makes for some good play with the reader. This issue had less dialogue and honestly without the pictures taking up most of you reading time, it was a breeze to get through. Although, I would have loved more reveal appeal, what I call mystery issues that reveal something but still leave the big question open; it was still a strong issue. We get involved with the politics of it all, and I love a good political scandal. If we go with this scandal, I think I will fall hard for this new Dark Horse comic. If we stay on this static line for a while, it will lose its appeal...quickly

For now I will give it a “buy,” because I really want to hold onto this series and hope that the plots picked up with good investigation. You should try your hand on this creative little number too. I think you will know why it is an interesting read.

The White Suits #2 Cover

Dustin: BUY

Stick with me for a moment; The White Suits is like a 6 oz. Fillet Mignon. Why a 6 oz.? Because a good 6 oz. cut should satisfy anyone that orders it. Sure you may finish your steak faster than everyone else at the table, but when dessert time rolls around you’ll be the only one that isn’t in pain as you try the chocolate molten cake. Mmm, Fillet Mignon and chocolate molten cake. That’s what The White Suits is; it’s a satisfying steak dinner that leaves room for dessert. In this case the steak is the plot, the characters and the wonderful art that is the driving force behind its success. The “seasoning” if you will. The dessert is the action and unique storytelling of Barbiere on the series. Overall it’s a complete meal and like any satisfying and wonderful meal you leave an above average tip and know that you’ll be back again.

Score: BUY IT!!!!

Writer: Frank J. Barbiere Artist: Toby Cypress Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/19/14