Henry Rollins talks about his role in Ian McGinty's WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE animated short

Modern Prometheus production company has released a video interview with icon Henry Rollins about his role in the company’s debut animated short film WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE from Ian McGinty. Rollins plays Frank, a lesser Nexus demon in the WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE short film, which takes viewers along on the adventures of Kit, a lovable kid with a monstrous secret: his dad is the Great Shadow King -- and Frank’s boss -- and he wants Kit to take over the family business of destroying the world. The animated short is based on Ian McGinty’s WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE, the creator owned comic book series by Z2 Comics; the series’ first issue is now available at local comic stores and online. In the newly released interview, Rollins says, “I think Frank has a stressful job...I would not be surprised if Frank was a straight up opera freak.” The Henry Rollins interview about WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE is available on YouTube.

The WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE animated short is widely available on YouTube. Modern Prometheus’ sister company Z2 Comics recently kicked off its new fall periodical line with the first issue of the WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE comic book series, now available at your local comic shop and online.