Hound Comics' Super Group Go! #1 now available!

SUPER GROUP GO! A threat has come to the Universe.

Planet after planet has been conquered.

Its people enslaved, its natural resources stolen. A powerful group known as The Intergalactic Mafia has spread fear across the universe, led by mob boss Mirror Vain!

She, along with her gang of monsters are growing stronger with every planet they take control of.

In an effort to restore order, Earths mightiest rock band has become the universes only hope!!

Given the powers to enhance their strength and skills. Saber, Monarch, Fire Hawk and Dragon must ban together to face Mirror Vain and her legion of monsters. Follow their adventures as Super Group Go defends all that is good.

They conquered the world of music, but can the conquer evil?

Find out in Super Group Go! stand up!

Super Group Go! #1 is available now at DriveThruComics.com!