Adds "Elite Membership" Subscriptions to Their Indie-Focused Store

IndieGameStand, a site focused on connecting small developers and gamers hungry for cool indie games, has added a subscription membership to their store. The IndieGameStand Elite membership is available in monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions for a cost of $14/month or less: IndieGameStand-Elite-Membership-(1)IndieGameStand Elite gives members access to all of the indie games involved in the site's 96-hour spotlight sales during the subscription period (7+ per month), as well as site-wide discounts on all games and merchandise in the IGS store. For developers, this new offering will mean guaranteed sales and greater exposure to the dedicated community that has grown to over 90,000 registered users in the two and a half years since the site launched. For gamers, it's a convenient and cost-effective way to discover unique new games and directly support the people who make them.

The three IndieGameStand Elite tiers include:

  • Monthly: 7+ games, 20% off every game in the IGS store, and a 25% off coupon for IGS merchandise -- a $75+ value for only $14
  • Quarterly: 21+ games, 20% off every game in the IGS store, and a 40% off coupon for IGS merchandise -- a $225+ value for only $29
  • Annual: 90+ games, 20% off every game in the IGS store, and $20 of free IGS merchandise -- a $600+ value for only $99

The first batch of games to be featured with IndieGameStand Elite membership will include roguelite deckbuilding adventure game Coin Crypt, sidescrolling brawler Ascendant, and endless runner Race the Sun. Additional details about the Elite membership can be found on this FAQ:

IndieGameStand Elite Membership (2)"We've always tried to do things differently at IndieGameStand. We easily could have morphed into yet another indie bundle site, but that's boring," says site founder Mike Gnade. "Instead, we came up with a one-of-a-kind subscription service that offers something for everyone: great value for our most prolific customers, convenience for people who forget to check the site every four days for the newest spotlight game, and a new way for developers to hook up with potential customers. We're super excited about it and hope our community will be, too."

When it launched in September 2012, IndieGameStand put a new spin on the game bundle paradigm by featuring a new, handpicked indie game for "pay what you want" pricing every 96 hours. One year later the service took on Steam, GOG, and other online stores by opening a permanent storefront that greatly lowers the barrier to entry for independent developers stymied by Steam and other channels.

Developers interested in selling their games through IndieGameStand can learn more about the service here: