Injustice Gets It's First Character DLC -- Get Excited


Injustice: Gods Amoung Us was released last week to pretty great reviews (no doubt many of you comicphiles have your pizza roll stained hands on it as I type) and already were getting a DLC character. Now as a lover of games I know what you may be saying,"The damn thing just came out, and already theyre peddling downloadable content? Those greedy greedy franchise owners." BUT FEAR NOT!

Although the marketing tactics here may be rather cheap, at least what were getting is really freakin awesome. Lobo! The crazy badass intersteller bounty hunter will be available for download... well... no ones said when yet. But rest assured! Lobo's larger than life (or at least the cosmos) persona is sure to come with an equally kickass move set. In a roster of pretty serious characters backed by a pretty serious story, Lobo is sure to be a welcome and fun addition to the line-up.

Via DC Comics