Interview: Let Comic Creator Shade Tell You About 'The Sinsationals'

Hey guys we had a chance to hang out with with comic creator Shade and he was kind enough to fill us in on his book The Sinsationals. Comic Bastards) First off can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself and some of your comic influences?

Shade) Sure. My name is Scott, but on the Internets I go by Shade. My influences are pretty varied. The complete list is too long and I probably couldn't remember everyone off the top of my head, but I'd say: Drew Struzan, Ryan Sook, Kevin Nowlan, Ivan Reis, Travel Foreman, Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley, John Byrne, Paulo Siqueira, Robaato, JJFrenchie, Adam Hughes, Gary Frank, among others.

CB) Your comic Sinsationals #1 recently made its Kickstarter goal. Can you tell the world what it’s all about?

Shade) Yes, the comic recently hit the minimum goal. The world of Sinsationals is basically one that I've always wanted to create: one where literally anything is possible and I can draw nearly anything. It's a world where robots, pirates, ninjas and vampires walk side by side with demons, ghosts, cat people, superheroes, mutants and everything in between. Sinsationals takes place in the fictional setting of Infinity City, where anything can happen and any theme can be explored. I can do a sci-fi story, horror, action-adventure, fantasy, drama, noir, anything within the confines of the city. It's separated into districts which each have their own thematic aesthetic which will lend itself well to flexibility in storytelling.

CB) What avenues do you have any plan to release Sinsationals #1 on? Are you thinking digital, print or both?

Shade) I'm personally selling both digital and physical copies of Sinsationals #1 to people who back the Kickstarter. For those that don't, though, if they wanted a physical copy they'd have to get it through a third-party retailed like Ka-Blam or Comixology. In fact, Sinsationals #0, the 36-page origin issue, is now available both digitally and via Comixology, Ka-Blam and several other online comic retailers.

CB) If you have to choose, who on the Sinsationals’ team who is your favorite character to write for or draw?

Shade) Right now it'd be hard to say. It's like picking favorites with your kids, which is impossible. I created each character to fill some kind of gap within the narrative and to also diversify the look of the group. They're not all Barbie dolls with interchangeable hair styles. Their silhouettes are unique. Their designs are unique. Their skin colors, facial shapes and body shapes are unique. Some are short and thin, others are tall and wide. Having only done issue #0 I'm still experimenting with each character and letting them find their voice.

Also, I created each character with the intention of variety because I get bored drawing the same things over and over. Each character in the comic is so different from the next and their outfits will change from issue to issue that I think they'll all keep me interested in drawing them.

CB) Do you have any other projects down the line that you’ll be lending your talents to?

Shade) Hopefully just continuing to build the world of Sinsationals and tell stories within that universe. I don't particularly want to work for anyone else on any pre-existing titles. I'd love for people to enjoy Sinsationals enough that I can work exclusively on it but time will tell.

CB) Any plans on taking the title to any Cons? No.

CB) Where can people follow you and keep up on everything that is The Sinsationals!

Sure! They can go to the official site, which is SINSATIONALS.NET or at my Deviantart page, which is:

Sinsationals_1_KS_banner sm

Thank you so much for hanging out with us Shade! We here at Comic Bastards will most definitely be keeping an eye on you and your Sinsationals!

Get more information on The Sinsationals and the Kickstarter below!