Kickstarter: The Dirtsheets by Rich Richardson

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Tune in to the chaotic world of Professional Organized Wrestling; pro wrestling’s funniest and most entertaining promotion, broadcast through a comic book TV lens.

With The Dirtsheets, writer and artist Rich Richardson created the best wrestling federation in the world. The wrestlers of POW live and breathe their gimmicks, spawning outrageous feuds where the use of weapons, backstabbing and patriotic spandex are part of just another day on the job. The Dirtsheets leaves fans tuning in every episode in hopes of seeing their favorite wrestler “win the big one”.


Creator Rich Richardson is a former world champion who hung up the boots and picked up the Sharpie to book pro wrestling’s best federation with The Dirtsheets. A long time comic book, animated sitcom and pro wrestling fan, Richardson combines these mediums for a unique comic experience.

“The Dirtsheets takes caricatures of real world personalities and puts them in a wrestling ring where laws and physics don’t apply,” said Richardson. “The Dirtsheets is the ultimate pro wrestling show.”

The Dirtsheets is a 28 page full color comedy and satire comic book published by Wet Soup Studios in February 2016. Issue 01 Kickstarter officially launches January 19, 2016.