LINE Webtoon & Patreon Launch Investment Program to Foster Comic Creators

LINE Webtoon (, the popular digital comics publisher pioneering the development and distribution of comics worldwide, and Patreon, the platform for creators to get ongoing funding directly from their fans, have partnered to offer new support to comic creators. Beginning today, Patreon’s support tools have been seamlessly integrated into LINE Webtoon’s Discover platform, allowing readers to become a patron of the comic arts, and in turn give their favorite creators an ongoing revenue stream. LINE Webtoon’s Discover is an open platform that allows digital comic creators to publish their work, build a fanbase, and receive feedback from a community of over 10 million unique daily readers and 35 million unique monthly readers. Through the Patreon integration, LINE Webtoon readers will now be able to show even more support to the creators they love through ongoing patronage. The integration offers creators a reliable way to receive support directly from their fans and hence spend more time developing their comic series.

Furthering their dedication to fostering new talent, LINE Webtoon will also offer its own patronage to creators who are using the Patreon tool on Discover. Beginning today, LINE Webtoon will make a monthly pledge to creators who publish at least two updates per month on Discover and who have more than 3,000 subscribers and 5,000 monthly page views per chapter in the U.S.

PR_001_f2“Patreon is excited to partner with LINE Webtoon to help empower creators,” said Jack Conte, Founder of Patreon. “The partnership is a great fit; LINE Webtoon helps comic creators to get even more new fans for their comics and Patreon turns those fans into Patrons.”

Additionally, LINE Webtoon will invite successful digital comic creators who are already established on Patreon to join as either featured creators or as Discover creators who will participate in LINE Webtoon’s patronage investment program. The first group of Patreon creators already beginning to publish their work on LINE Webtoon includes popular webcomics creator Tracy Butler (Lackadaisy).

Both Patreon and LINE Webtoon are creator-friendly platforms dedicated to fostering new talent and helping artists monetize their work in the digital realm while still granting creators full ownership of their own IP.

“Patreon has optimized the revenue experience for creators like no other service has before and built up a huge base of self-supported creators and dedicated patrons,” said JunKoo Kim, Founder and Head of LINE Webtoon. “The Patreon platform is uniquely suited to how LINE Webtoon creators are accustomed to delivering their comics to fans. Creators already working with Patreon are in an environment where they provide their readers content on a regular schedule, making this an organic extension for our existing creators and new creators looking for a home.”

The Patreon integration joins a series of new product features that LINE Webtoon has introduced to streamline and improve both the user and creator experience, including their new Binge Mode and Bookmarking, allowing readers to consume their favorite digital comics all with one infinite scroll, as well as mark their spot with ever losing their place. LINE Webtoon is revolutionizing the comic experience by providing readers with mobile optimized content and providing creators an intuitive publishing platform.

To download the official LINE Webtoon app, visit the Apple App Store and Google Play.